Yara Sayeh Shahidi

Literal Translation
Yara means somebody close to your heart
Sayeh means shadow
Shahidi means witness

Somebody close to your shadow witness

Magic is defined as the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces. When thinking of the young, iconic, queen known as Yara Sayeh Shahidi, we see where this context applies.

At the mere age of 19, Yara has redefined what it means to be authentically you and living in your purpose. Yara is commonly known for her brilliant acting career in which she has starred in shows like Black-ish, Grown-ish and even films like Salt. Not to mention, she's a sought after model! However, we refuse not to acknowledge her powerful influence in activism for the younger generation. We stand corrected for EVERY generation. Yara is more than a strong voice, phenomenal leader, and bright intellect for the future, she’s a role model that many young ladies look up to.

“I love history, and activism is so engraved in history. So much had to have happened for me—and everybody—to come into this world. The women’s movement, the immigration movement…whatever it may be. As you learn about these, it’s hard not to be inspired. Our generation is a representation of all the great movements that have come before us. It’s all about paying it forward… What I’m seeing is basically a movement to be your true self. There are no criteria as to what it takes to be involved, protected, and cared for.”
Shahidi, Yara. Interview with Seventeen. Web. 26 Oct. 2017

Did I mention that Yara began her career doing print advertisements? Yes, at the age of six Yara used her gifts for companies such as McDonald's, Ralph Lauren, Target, GapKids, Disney, Guess Kids, and The Children's Place?

If that isn’t impressive, then maybe we should reanalyze what it means to be great. We live in a modern landscape where many women are fighting for equal rights in the male-dominated entertainment industry. So it’s beautiful to see victory flourishing within our younger generation of women.

“I’m enjoying time as a kid—I’ve learned to appreciate the age that you are because it disappears. There are perks to being a teen too. It comes with the freedom to explore and the freedom to have a valid opinion about the world—and to evolve it—and have people listen to you.”
Shahidi, Yara. Interview with Seventeen. Web. 26 Oct. 2017

The idea that age doesn’t define your greatness from young to old goes to prove that we are all capable of amazing things. It’s not on us, it’s within us, and your age doesn’t play a factor in achieving what you can conceptualize. To validate this point, Yara at 17 years of age received the "Generation Next Award" at the 10th annual Essence Black Women In Hollywood event, in February of 2017. Since then Yara has taken her talents to new heights as she excelled on the American sitcom television series Black-ish. This leveraged ABC to create an entire spinoff named Grown-ish for her character. That’s girl power in its purest element!

Yara has transcended unapologetically. She has truly embodied the concept and application of transcendence. From her breathtaking red carpet appearances to her insightful conscious interviews, all the way down to her political views — we at Land of Nostalgia appreciate Yara in her full glory!


I want to leave you with a few words from Yara on self-acceptance, which is a principle we uphold here at Land of Nostalgia.

“I feel like my curls have always been a part of who I am. They are a very real representation of the mix of my two cultures. When you’re a part of a minority of any kind, you’re told not to take up much space, but my hair does that, so there’s nothing I can do except take up the space with it. It gives me confidence.”
Shahidi, Yara. Interview with Seventeen. Web. 26 Oct. 2017

It’s not about the curls in which Yara spoke; it’s about embracing who you are wholehearted — that’s where the real representation of your epitome lives. Whatever makes you uniquely you, hold on dearly to that, for its energy in that substance.

Yara Sayeh Shahidi, we here at Land of Nostalgia salute your contributions to the world and honor you. Not just today but for everything, you will do with that bright future of yours. May your light continue to touch the world and inspire us all to live a life full of passion, with the things we’re passionate about.