Juan Veloz for Highsnobiety 

Every so often, the universe introduces us to energy so pure and magical that it brightens the entire universe. That same potential seeps into the core of our dimension which inspires us as students of life. Very rarely, are we able to grasp the inner potential of our spirit by its wings but H.E.R. has done just that!
Taking the world by storm at the early age of 12, after competing on Radio Disney’s The Next Big Thing, H.E.R. was destined for greatness. With a keen sense of awareness at such a young age in the entertainment industry, many critics credited H.E.R.’s magic to the high ranks of a child prodigy. A child that was just getting started and surely would never be forgotten.
As we fast-forward into the present day, H.E.R. has completely changed the way artistry in the music industry is being viewed. There is truly nothing better than a fresh perspective that shatters the illusion that exemplifies you must change who you are to become who you will be.
H.E.R. remains HER unapologetically.
H.E.R. follows a different mantra. One that screams, I am not the clothes that I wear. I am not the makeup you see. I am not the additives on top of my natural commodities. I am not the jewelry that many flexes. I am not the money I have. I am not the designer clothes I rock. I am not the autotune I did not put in my songs. I am not the words that were written by my label. I am not the color of my skin. I am not the beauty you see and do not hear.
These are all examples of the magic that H.E.R. possesses as she defies every artistic commonality that tries to box her in. H.E.R.’s superpowers include being an instrumentalist, innovator, curator, vocalist, actress, composer, producer, songwriter, Grammy Award winner, and now international SUPERSTAR! At the mere age of 22, H.E.R.’s resume speaks volumes of where having a drive, talent, and tenacity can genuinely take you.
H.E.R. commanded our attention when she channeled the breathtaking melodic vibrations embodied in her debut EP H.E.R. Volume 1. Subsequently, when she released the follow-up EP H.E.R. Volume 2, we knew that magic was upon us when we heard songs like "Focus" and "Best Part."  However, H.E.R didn’t stop there. She dug deep into her self-evolution and gave us another piece of greatness with her EP; I Used to Know Her: The Prelude.
The most beautiful aspect of this Artist Spotlight that deserves noting is the fact that H.E.R. does everything HER way. We live in a time where compromising who we are is linked to the perception of success. It’s not enough to be successful by the merits of your journey. Now it’s cooler to look like success, no matter the route in which it took to acquire it.
What H.E.R. teaches artists across the world, is that you manifest the life you conceptualize by staying true to who you are. Every piece of magic you need lives within your spirit and that energy grows, the more you feed it.
As we celebrate H.E.R.’s work, we encourage you to listen to her music and learn about her journey. May we all grow to new heights that surpass the universe and inspire one another.
We here at Land of Nostalgia value your contributions to the world and look forward to what magic you will unveil next.
Written by Prince of Nostalgia