Dear Kobe,

Writing this letter is strange because there are some humans on the planet; you just don’t see ever leaving. Some humans like yourself exemplified a deeper meaning, but if I were able to interview you, I would pick your brain about the tenacity you posses. See you brought LA together in ways that brought us all together. I mean, every child to adult has shot a piece of trash in a can and screamed, ”Kobe!” That's impact! To live and inspire with an intact legacy, I would first ask, ”What inspired you to push yourself beyond your limit to defy all odds?” What drove you, Kobe? I think you would have responded in a manner tantamount to pursuing greatness. I probably would have challenged you by saying, ”What comes after greatness, Mamba?” See, Kobe you were always taking it to the next level, even in adversity. I remember I wanted a broken finger just to say I hooped with one like you. I probably would have torn my own achilles if it meant I would be parallel to you in any dimension. Not on the court but in life. It's always been deeper than basketball; I'm sure of that. Not going to lie, my proudest moment being a fan of yours wasn't the games, championships, 81-points, or your celebrity. It was when you stepped into my industry and created a screenplay that won you an Academy Award. I cried that day; it’s because a lot of us aren't accepted in Hollywood to parallel our counterparts due to the color our skin, which holds many back from making progressive leaps in film. Just like basketball, you stepped in and accepted an Academy Award for Dear Basketball. As the FIRST athlete to ever do, so might I add. The reason I put that above your basketball career is that, for 20 years, you played your heart out on that court, but after you retired, I can tell you were stepping away from the who world wanted you to be and stepped into doing things you loved. I used to catch the train to Staples with my uncle to attend those Laker parades. I always wanted to ask, ”How does it feel?” To have the city on your back, to be able to inspire so many humans. Did you ever think you would take it this far? I'm sure you'd probably smile, and remind me of all those late nights you stayed shooting in the gym. Those moments that you pushed your body, even through the pain. The adversity drove you. I would then shake your hand and let you know you are legendary in every sense of the definition. My prayers go out to the Bryant family and all those who lost loved ones in this tragedy. May you rest in peace Kobe Bean Bryant and Gigi.

#MambaOut 🙏

Signed: Prince of Nostalgia