Since re-branding myself as The Prince of Nostalgia, I vowed only to create art that I loved. With that concept in mind, I now trust that the universe will send souls into my life who will find something special in the art I create, rather than deliberately creating for the sake of pleasing others. As an artist, it is our job to create the art that inspires our soul without the need for validation. One of the toughest lessons I had to learn in my writing career is that those who are meant to receive your message will receive it. I had to come to terms with the fact that it's not my job to make someone understand my art as each human's interpretation reflects their level of understanding. However, I know that I want my art to make my interpreters very uncomfortable.

So this inspired me to create, The Land of Nostalgia.

Land of Nostalgia is a safe, creative spot for an artist just to be themselves. Whether you're a writer, painter, sculptor, musician, content creator, etc. there's always a home for you within The Land of Nostalgia. I want those who had witnessed my journey to know that the most significant pleasures in my life had come from the moments when I released all of my self-doubts, fears, need of validation, and the need to be liked. If art is what you love to create, then a part of you are already free as one must become the art they are creating. When you dig deep into the term Nostalgia, you'll see that it's more than what the definition of the term suggests. It's living in that moment that made you exist in a moment you previously existed.

I know that the last sentence was pretty deep, but when referring to Nostalgic energy, I get inspired by its aura.

This is just the beginning of what The Land of Nostalgia will represent. From the artist under the umbrella to the clothing line, to the various types of art the artist under the brand will create—will all be designed to help you transcend your former self. I want you to feel nostalgic, live in nostalgia, and embrace the magic in this land I've created. 

Prince of Nostalgia