Dear Dedicated Customer,

Our industry finds itself in the same unexpected and uncertain situation as the rest of the world as we face COVID-19. We know how overwhelming the choices we have ahead of us are, and we wanted to share some resources with our loyal customers.

Land of Nostalgia is a family, and we are here to help you all emerge from this setback even stronger than you were before

With that being said, the safety of our staff and customers are our main priority, which is why we have taken precautionary steps to make sure that our quality control team carefully inspects each item during shipment.

We also know that as a small business in LA County, we must band together to help one another in doing our part, which is why we have transitioned to remote operations as we follow the Governor's Stay Home order.

What does this mean for our customers? Orders will still be processed and shipped as normal. Our customer service team will still be able to assist you daily but expect slower delivery times as we work with USPS and FedEx to coordinate our reduced schedule.

Lastly, our owner Prince of Nostalgia, has announced that our focus will shift from business operations to aiding our community. He has personally coordinated with our supplier to slow down on making new designs and focus on making respirators that we will give to the homeless in the heart of Los Angeles.

Our dedication to our community has not wavered. We plan to continue to work towards helping those in need in our community.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us is you have any questions or if we may offer any assistance.

Land of Nostalgia Team