Ermias “Nipsey Hussle” Asghedom
Father, Son, Brother, Man of Divine Integrity, King.
(August 15, 1985 – March 31, 2019)
March 31, 2019, will be a cavernous moment in time for the city of Los Angeles, across generations. It is the day we were robbed of a precious gem. A day where so many of us were introduced to the unthinkable. Countless unanswered questions; How could someone possess the amount of disdain to do something like this? Why did it have to be Nip? How can we continue to rise as a people, when the self-hatred continues?  This burning pain felt on that particular day, is still there. The same questions linger in our hearts and truthfully may not go away. Ask any reputable LA native how they felt about him, and watch their reaction.

Nipsey Hussle represented a multitude of honorable qualities. Most natives gravitated to Nipsey’s sense of perseverance & fearlessness. In a 2018 interview with Big Boy, he spoke on the unavoidable feeling of weariness, and the emotions that set in along the journey of being successful. To give you a brief synopsis of the interview, Nipsey admitted that he too has dealt with those personal demons that attack each of our minds, but the outlining solution of his message is that he kept going.

If one were to judge Nipsey from afar without knowing what he stood for, there might be some resistance to approach him. A tall black man with a fully-grown beard & braids that hang to the back of his neck, covered in tattoos which even includes a few on his face. Then once he begins to speak, there were chances he might drop a “cuz” — which would rub the average person awry,  out of fear that he’s gang affiliated. Once that fear became acknowledged, and he confirmed his identity as a member of The Rolling 60’s...

End of discussion.

Just that fast, you’ve read his entire life as if you know it and are opposed to what would come out of his mouth next. But, what if he told you the investments & community rehabilitation projects he was apart of?

Vector 90, (6111 S. Gramercy Pl. Los Angeles, Ca 90047) which is a co-work space built with a lower level to focus on STEM advancement for the youth.

Many improvements within the LAUSD, including the face-lift of several playgrounds. For example, 59th Street Elementary, in which he attended.

A re-designed, revitalized World on Wheels, (4645 Venice Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90019) skating rink which has always been predicated on being an inner-city alternative to the unforgiving streets of LA,  & notably hosted Beyoncé & Jay-Z as guests for an evening.

FollowCoin, a cryptocurrency based in Amsterdam,  and viewed by many as a burgeoning alternative to the paper dollar.

Or how about dialing it back a bit? The Marathon Clothing store, (3420 W. Slauson Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90047) located at the center of a multi-business strip mall, which coincidentally Nipsey and his team of business partners had recently become owners of.

I can go on & on, with pages of accomplishments and business ventures that weren’t focused on Nipsey’s individual plateau but of community empowerment.  All of these things date back to a young kid growing up on the Westside of South Central LA. A Young Man with a Plan, who unfortunately fell into the trap of a cultural syndicate of gangs. Nevertheless, with a purpose to save his people from that same trap. Nip Hussle was, and forever will be the face of transcendence. That small beam of hope that propels us past our trials & tribulations.

The battle of riding it out through the storm is an on and off cycle that each of us must conquer in life. Nipsey made HARD WORK, DEDICATION, PLUS PATIENCE look effortless while keeping his composure. We, as human beings, are designed to be challenged by our desires. That opposition, or “gravity” as Nip would say, is the rubric to equip us with humility, knowledge, proper judgment, and most importantly a testimony. This ensures us that when we make it to our dreams, there won’t be any room for second-guessing or doubts.

In the words of Nip the Great, you NEVER FOLD!

We at Land of Nostalgia would like to honor King Ermias Asghedom with our First Official Artist Spotlight. Words could never do Nipsey justice for the legacy he has created as a self-made black man from the dribble. Nipsey continues to be a guiding light that inspires the world to be the best possible version of themselves to inspire the youth no matter what your circumstances are. For those of us who are considered minorities from the ghetto, that influence will never go away. Beyond oppositions, everyone can take a page from Hussle’s book of life, with the goal — PUSH FORWARD & OVERCOME THE ADVERSITIES.

We love you, Nip.

May you forever rest in God’s favor, and look down upon those who follow your steps.

Written by Amir Rivers