Looking for Love by Prince of Nostalgia
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Looking for Love by Prince of Nostalgia

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Looking for Love

There’s not much to say about this book in case you were looking for a grand introduction. These words are all vibrations, that I created to heal myself from the disappointments of love. I’m sure the lovers of the world can relate. This piece of art is my way of saying the exact opposite of what the title states. This time, I don’t want to look for love. I want to be patient and trust that what the universe has in store for me, is for me and won’t return to me void. I want to feel something magical, something different. Going through my last relationship taught me so much about myself, and what I deserve, and I’d hate for anyone to go through life settling for an energy the universe sent you to help you grow. When reading this book, try to turn on your favorite song that makes you feel deeply or should I say, “Puts you in your feelings.” Close your eyes, and channel your energy.